Inaugural Meeting


Madrid, 8th of March 2016

In the meeting participated delegations of 3 people from each country, in total 15 representatives of partners took part in the meeting The main goal of the meeting was presentation of each organization and specific characteristics of public services sector in partnership countries (organizational structure, legislative framework, functioning, working conditions, employee’s participation), around 40 minutes presentations were taken by each partner organizations. The last point of the meeting was discussion about the quality of public services in partnership countries. The partners compared the situation and have defined common problems regarding the quality of services and the attitude of the society to public workers.

The main conclusion was, that the level of participantion of the employees in decision making is too low in all the countries. The partners had concluded that the next meeting will be held according with the project schedule in June in Vilnius. Information published on the website of CSIT in March 2016.

International Seminar


Vilnius, 3rd of June 2016

The meeting was atended by delegations of three people from each partnership organization. During the meeting, each delegation presented a short report (30 min.) regarding the human resources management in public services in their countries, the main topics were: active aging policy, gender equality, reconciling work and family life, vocational training etc.

After the presentations the participants discussed on how to improve funcioning and professionalism in public services with the main focus on New Public Management - a new philosophy of public sector management and its implementation in partner countries. The Lithuanian partner organized also a short visit in a fireman training center close to Vilnius where the participants could see how the training system works in Lithuania. The partners concluded the date of the next meeting for October-November 2016.

Next steps


Next steps in the project implementation will be:

- Round table in Poland (November 2016)

- Two international training sessions for employees in Romanian and Serbia (March-May 2017)

- Elaboration, translation and print of the final pubication (June-August 2017).

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